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Terms and Condition

Tabbdoc Aircarft

Terms and Condition

  • Check-in time varies for domestic and international Charters. Passengers are required to adhere to the specified check-in times to complete formalities. Delays due to reasons beyond Tabbdoc Aircraft's control may occur

  • Flying hour charges encompass aircraft fuel, oil, maintenance, landing and day parking charges, standard in-charter meals, navigation fees, and dispatch costs.

  • Any additional or statutory charges imposed by Airport Authority, Customs/Regulatory authorities will be billed accordingly.

  • For international Charters, IFS (International Flight Clearance Service) charges apply additionally, covering various services such as permit facilitation, ground handling, flight planning, and more

  • Tabbdoc Aircraft will not assume responsibility for passengers traveling without valid travel documents, carrying contraband items, or engaging in illegal activities during the flight

  • Tabbdoc Aircraft does not serve alcoholic beverages on board (for flights within India) and prohibits smoking during the flight.

  • Liability limitations apply for loss, delay, or damage to baggage and in cases of injury or death, with specific limits defined for domestic and international travel.

  • Tabbdoc Aircraft requires the requested information within the stipulated timelines, to facilitate necessary permissions for flight operations

  • A minimum charge of 2 hours per aircraft per day or actuals per aircraft per day, whichever is higher, will be applied for each booking.

  • Security regulations advise passengers against accepting packets from unknown persons, leaving baggage unattended, or carrying prohibited articles.

  • Tabbdoc Aircraft reserves the right to cancel, delay, or alter flights, change aircraft types, or refuse to carry passengers deemed unfit to travel

  • Any changes or modifications to the flight program requested by the customer after commencement, and if unable to execute due to operational reasons, will be treated as a last-minute cancellation.

  • Hand baggage regulations comply with government safety regulations, allowing one piece not exceeding specified dimensions per passenger.

  • Free baggage allowances vary according to aircraft type and destination, with additional items permitted within specified limits.

  • Declaration: While Tabbdoc Aircraft endeavors to provide seamless services, we shall not be held liable for cancellations or delays due to technical issues or circumstances beyond our control. We reserve the right to make necessary decisions in the best interest of our passengers' safety and comfort

  • In the event of no flying on a particular day of a charter, a minimum of 2 (two) hours of flying time will be charged as the "Non-Flying Day Charge", with no night halt charge applicable in such cases.

  • Force Majeure events beyond Tabbdoc Aircraft's control may result in non-operation of charters, with refunds issued accordingly.

    DomesticCharters :

  • Applicable Levies and Duties : Taxes may include various government-imposed levies and charges applicable to air travel. These taxes can vary depending on factors such as the route, destination, and local regulations. Common types of taxes include airport taxes, fuel surcharges, and passenger service fees. It's essential to factor in these taxes when calculating the overall cost of the flight.

  • Overnight Halt Charge : Overnight halt charges apply when an aircraft remains overnight at a destination. These charges cover the costs associated with overnight parking, crew accommodation, and other services required for the aircraft and its crew during the stay. Night halt charges ensure that the necessary facilities are available to support the aircraft during its overnight stay

  • Waiting Time Surcharge : Day detention charges come into play when an aircraft remains on the ground at a destination for an extended period, typically after four hours of waiting. These charges compensate for the aircraft's idle time and cover expenses incurred during the waiting period, such as crew salaries and airport fees.

  • Extended Operational Hours Surcharge: In certain situations, flights may require extended watch hours, particularly if there are delays or unforeseen circumstances that prolong the duration of the flight. Extension of watch hours charges may apply when the flight duration exceeds the originally scheduled timeframe.

  • Ground Operations Charge : These charges cover the costs associated with handling the aircraft on the ground, including services such as aircraft marshalling, towing, refueling, and baggage handling. Ground handling services are crucial for efficient aircraft operations and ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers.