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Falcon 2000 Easy

The Falcon 2000 Easy represents the pinnacle of large jet luxury and performance. With its spacious cabin and advanced features, it offers unparalleled comfort for up to 8 passengers. Renowned for its exceptional speed and range, this aircraft is a preferred choice for long-distance travel, blending style and efficiency seamlessly. Whether for business or leisure, the Falcon 2000 Easy sets the standard for large jet excellence.

  • Seats: 8
  • YOM: 2009
  • Base: Bengaluru
  • Crew: 2
  • Baggage: 400 kgs
  • Speed: 380nmph
  • Flight Attendent : Yes
Aircraft Type Large Jet
Passenger 8
Pilots 2
Flying Range 4000 nm
Cruise Speed 380 nmph
Baggage Capacity 400 kg
Cabin Length 26.3 ft
Lavatory Yes
Cabin Width 7.7 ft
Cabin Height 6.2 ft